Thursday, April 19, 2012

Planting Spring Potatoes

 We finally received our seed potatoes in the mail. We planted them in trenches because, as the plant grows, we hill up the dirt around the potato plant. This is because the potato grows from the seed up to the surface. This method works great for us giving the potatoes an area to grow. 

The trenches are 12 inches deep and 12 feet long.
We planted three types of potatoes:
  1. Yukon Gold
  2. Rio Grande
  3. Sangre (red skin potato)

Spring has definitely sprung around here! All our plants are starting to bud and are growing strong.
This is our blueberry bush. We have to be quick picking these because the birds in our area love fresh blueberries as much as we do.

This is last years herb garden, untouched! Because of the mild weather this winter, everything survived and flourished this spring. We had fresh parsley all year.

Our herb garden includes : sage, parsley, oregano, chives, cilantro.

Our strawberry plant is also a favorite of the birds. However, being so close to the ground, they face another threat, slugs! 

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