Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seedlings and Puppies

The cucumber seedlings are up! The sprouted up within six days with the aid of a heating pad. We just moved them to a window today!

A family friend of ours purchased a purebred German Shepard puppy yesterday from a breeder and brought her over to play with our Sasha. The two had so much fun! It was great socialization for them both.

look at those paws! She's going to be a big lady!
They look alike! But pretty soon the puppy will be way bigger than Sasha!

The hens were a little confused when they saw a new puppy around. They let out quite a few calls to warn other chickens in ear shot of the little "intruder." The girls got a special treat of greens today for being so brave.


  1. Very clever using a heating pad. I never heard of that before. Tonight is going to get below freezing, what will you do with the other vegetables that are in the ground. Love the puppy!

    1. ALL i have in the ground are the peas and they will be fine. That puppy is a blast she has a good time when she comes over.