Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planting Peas Early

We planted the peas today. We usually wait until after St. Patrick's day but because of the long streak of nice weather, this is the earliest we've ever planted them.

The girls were very curious about what was going on!

Here is the final product. I made a trellis so that the peas will comfortably grow upward. They also will take up less space in the garden. We are going to need all the room we can get this year!

Here is an article about some great creative ideas on building your own pea trellis.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for this blogspot. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Getting back to the basics. I love it! Your web sites are very helpful and I am thinking of getting some chickens.
    P.S. I will keep you posted

  2. hi josie glad you like the blog. when your ready for chickens let me know i can help and would be glad too.

  3. Those chickens are huge!

    1. HI Annie yes they are they eat very well spoiled chickens

  4. Hey Brognano family, nice job on the website. I made the pizza last night and the quiche last week. Everything came out great! You inspire me, keep up the great work.

  5. Thanks for the compliment. Stay tuned for more recipes and craft ideas.