Monday, April 8, 2013


     After a long cold and busy winter, we are finally able to start blogging again.  Let's show you what's been happening on the farm.
The hens are enjoying the warm weather

     The chickens had a quiet winter but now that the weather is getting warmer and the sun is out longer they have been busy laying eggs.

Sasha enjoying the yard

The garden is ready
     Today the weather was perfect to start preparing the garden for this growing season.  We tilled the soil and removed any grass or weeds.  The chunks of grass and weeds we gave to the chickens to pick through.

the herb garden

     Our herb garden looks empty now but soon it will be filled with all kinds of herbs.  Right now the chives are coming up and in the background is a rosemary bush.  

"I'm working on my base tan for the Summer."
      Now we are all really to start gardening this season.



  1. That is certainly a large piece of ground for your vegetable garden. Do you put paths in? I do like the look of you chicken flock too.

    1. Yes, we do plant in rows and we rotate the crop. Thanks for visiting our site.